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Official time in São Paulo - Brazil


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São Paulo is located in UTC-3, that is -3 hours in relation to the Greenwich Meridian.

The city of São Paulo is located in Brazil on the continent South America and the time is now shown on our watch.

Timezone in São Paulo

São Paulo is located in UTC-3. Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is divided into 24 hours, 12 of which are positive and 12 are negative.

The starting point is the Greenwich Meridian. On the right are the countries with early hours and the left those that are late.

Position of São Paulo

The UTC setting in São Paulo is defined in relation to the degree of distance of São Paulo from the 0 degree point.

To find São Paulo let's imagine the earth as a sphere, it has 360 degrees and if we divide that number by 24 hours we reach number 15, degrees an hour ago. São Paulo and the country Brazil are approximately the -45 degrees of Meridian.

About São Paulo

São Paulo is located on the South America continent , is a city of Brazil and the timezone is UTC-3. At this time there is no daylight saving time in São Paulo.